Consolidated ICC code

Article A6 – Presentation to consumers

Complex rules should be avoided.
Rules should be drawn up in language that consumers can easily understand.
The chances of winning prizes should not be overstated.

Information requirements
Sales promotions should be presented in such a way as to ensure that consumers are made aware, before making a purchase, of conditions likely to affect their decision to purchase.

Information should include, where relevant:

  • clear instructions on the method of obtaining or participating in the promotional offer, e.g. conditions for obtaining promotional items, including any liability for costs, or taking part in prize promotions;
  • main characteristics of the promotional items offered;
  • any time limit on taking advantage of the promotional offer;
  • any restrictions on participation (e.g. geographical or age-related), availability of promotional items, or any other limitations on stocks. In the case of limited availability, consumers should be properly informed of any arrangements for substituting alternative items or refunding money;
  • the value of any voucher or stamp offered where a monetary alternative is available;
  • any expenditure involved, including costs of shipping and handling and terms of payment;
  • the full name and address of the promoter and an address to which complaints can be directed (if different from the address of the promoter).

Promotions claiming to support a charitable cause should not exaggerate the contribution derived from the campaign; before purchasing the promoted product consumers should be informed of how much of the price will be set aside for the cause.

Information in prize promotions
Where a sales promotion includes a prize promotion, the following information should be given to consumers, or at least made available on request, prior to participation and not conditional on purchasing the main product:

  • any rules governing eligibility to participate in the prize promotion;
  • any costs associated with participation, other than for communication at or below standard rate (mail, telephone etc.);
  • any restriction on the number of entries;
  • the number, value and nature of prizes to be awarded and whether a cash alternative may be substituted for a prize;
  • in the case of a skill contest, the nature of the contest and the criteria for judging the entries;
  • the selection procedure for the award of prizes;
  • the closing date of the competition;
  • when and how the results will be made available;
  • whether the consumer may be liable to pay tax as a result of winning a prize;
  • the time period during which prizes may be collected;
  • where a jury is involved, the composition of the jury;

any intention to use winners or winning contributions in post-event activities and the terms on which these contributions may be used.


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