Consolidated ICC code

Article C12 – Prices and credit terms

Whether payment for the offer is on an immediate sale or instalment basis, the price and terms of payment should be clearly stated in the offer, together with the nature of any additional charges (such as postage, handling, taxes, etc.) and, whenever possible, the amount of such charges.

In the case of sales by instalment, the credit terms, including the amount of any deposit or payment on account, the number, amount and periodicity of such instalments and the total price compared with the immediate selling price, if any, should be clearly shown in the offer.

Any information needed by the consumer to understand the cost, interest and terms of any other form of credit should beprovided, either in the offer or when the credit is offered.

Unless the duration of the offer and the price are clearly stated in the offer, prices should be maintained for a reasonable period of time.


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