ICC Marketing Commission meets with Chinese government to discuss self-regulation and best practices

Paris, 20 September 2016 - On 20 September 2016, ICC’s Marketing Commission, along with the French self-regulatory organization Autorité de Régulation Professional de la Publicité (ARPP), met with representatives from the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce. The meeting was kindly hosted by ARPP and highlighted the role of the Consolidated ICC Code in global advertising self-regulation, as well as provided practical insight on the French self-regulatory system.


Raelene Martin, Policy Manager of the Commission on Marketing and Advertising elaborated on the ICC Code and its use as a global reference for advertising self-regulation, particularly highlighting ICC’s engagement to promote the alignment of advertising standards across the Asia-Pacific region.  Ms Martin noted that the APEC Policy Support Unit study identified the ICC Code as the global reference for advertising self-regulation and its flexibility to adapt to local needs.  Stephane Martin, Director General of ARPP and Chairman of the European Advertising Standards Alliance, discussed the elements of a well-established and functioning self-regulatory system, how these elements function in practice and the relationship between self-regulation and the law. Eve Magnant, Commission Vice-Chair and Corporate Social Responsibility Director, complemented the discussion by describing the advertising ecosystem and expressing the interests for business and consumers in having such a system in place. The Chinese Advertising Code, released in September 2015, includes provisions for advertising self-regulation and ICC confirms its support and commitment to work with China to developing advertising self-regulation.  

The ICC Code, developed by the ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising, is the gold standard for the most nationally applied self-regulation around the world. It offers a globally consistent baseline for economies developing advertising principles while also providing flexibility for local laws and culture to be reflected in a local code.

ICC Commission Marketing and Advertising

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